Dear Friends:

As I am sure you know, the Balinese Room Pier was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ike on Saturday, September 13, 2008. Her remains were located mostly on Seawall Boulevard, missed with the wreckage of the neighboring Murdoch’s and Hooter’s piers, in a pile of debris as wide as the Seawall and stretching for several blocks.

I have received dozens of emails, tests and phone calls expressing heartfelt condolences. So many people have taken this as a personal loss, as of course, it is.

Thank all of you for your kind thoughts and wishes.

One particularly eloquent email was received from Casey Smith, and I think it expresses so well what I have heard from so may of you.

"I am so sorry for what has happened. I have been to the Balinese Room many, many times and you have always made me feel welcome. I went to the Balinese Room right after you opened and have watched you rebuild and make it a beautiful place. Only those who walked the Balinese Room will even know what it was like and how it made us feel, as if we were in a different time and as if we were in the presence of all those who have entertained and visited years ago. My heart goes out to you for believing in the Balinese Room. We will never forget the Balinese Room. "

Sincerely, Casey SmithGun Barrel City, Texas

Thanks to Casey and each of you.

Luckily, there is some insurance in place which will help mitigate the financial loss. Of course we remain at the mercy of the insurance companies and hopefully they will be fair. Negotiations with the Texas General Land Office continue.

I own the Balinese Room franchise and the Federal trademark. I do retain the right to rebuild a structure over the water at that location.

My current thinking is that the Balinese Room would best be relocated on dry land in Galveston and I am siting new locations. Please bring any potential new sites to my attention .

Luckily, I have retained copies of many of the photos and other framed artifacts formerly located at the Balinese. I recently returned from a trip to Bali and found amazing art, carvings antiques, statues and building materials which could be incorporated in a new Balinese Room.

I am currently developing a new night club called Voodoo Lounge in Galveston.

It will be smaller, darker, and perhaps more modern and polished than the Balinese. However, you will recognize my style and feel at home.

Another current project of mine involves an innovative steel and tensioned fabric canopy and sail structure I designed. See for details.

Googling "balinese room ike" will yield many links to national, international and local news coverage about the Pier and its destruction. There is a nice story by National Public Radio at http://www/ CNN, Geraldo Rivera and others have shared the Balinese Room story with the whole country. As Casey Smith reminds us "we will never forget the Balinese Room". Please be assured that, with your help, the Balinese will live on.


Scott Arnold

Owner, Balinese Room

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