Stars of Yesteryear

Frank Sinatra with Maceo

Throughout the years many stars have graced the pier called the Balinese Room. Sinatra, Hope and Burns just to name a few. Rock Legends ZZ Top even wrote a song about the Balinese.

Ghost Stories

Band playing at the Balinese Room

As with many of the historic buildings in Galveston, the Balinese Ballroom has more than its share of Ghostly tales. Hear from current and past employees and patrons as they recant their experiences.

Interior Gallery

Band playing at the Balinese Room

View images of the past and present to see where the Balinese Ballroom has been and see where its going. We've managed to capture the past in an all new facility. See for yourself!

Exterior Gallery

Band playing at the Balinese Room

See what the Balinese looked like in years past as well as the present. See how it is overcome hurricanes and years of neglect to rise from the ashes and reclaim its former glory.

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